Welcome to the ETHPOP Database The ETHPOP Database makes ethnic population projection on local area level available to interested users.

Important news

Dear ETHPOP User

we now updated the ETHPOP database with new 2011 based population projections.

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There are 2 projections available via the database interface. LEEDS 1 projection is based on a BREXIT scenario, LEEDS 2 is aligned to ONS aasumptions.

A third projection LEEDS 2b is contrained to ONS population projections and will be shortly available via bulk download option under REPOSITORY.

The old projections will be soon available via a bulk download option under REPOSITORY.

In additon we also make all our input data available via the REPOSITERY.

Previous news

The NewETHPOP project got extended till the 31st of August 2016 (May 2016)

The NewETHPOP project will run from the 1.January 2015 until the 30.May 2016. During the project we will update the current projections using the 2011 census results as a base. Watch this space!

NewETHPOP-Evaluation, Revision and Extension of Ethnic Population Projections ESRC, ES/L013878/1, 1 Jan 2015 to 31 May 2016 (15.1.2015)

We performed a major update on all our projections by improving assumptions on internal migration, mortality in older ages and fertility schedules in the youngest and oldest ages for women in the fertile age range. (28.9.2011)

We made two more projections available one assuming constant demographic intensities since 2001 (BENCH) and another excluding international migration and with that simulating natural increase.(28.9.2011)

We now also supply component data for all four available projections. (28.9.2011)